How to Create a Fitness Plan For Your Dog

As a responsible dog owner, you’re always looking to keep your pet in good health. One way to do that is by creating and keeping up a fitness plan. Maintaining appropriate canine exercise levels can help prevent injuries, lessen the impacts of age-related issues like arthritis, and help them stay physically active for longer. Here’s how to create a dog-safe and goal-oriented fitness plan.

Get Veterinary Clearance Before Beginning
Make sure the exercise goals you set are safe and appropriate for your dog’s age and physical condition. Strenuous exercise isn’t good for young puppies, and it’s important to be cautious about how much exercise adolescent dogs receive while their joints are still developing. Large- and giant-breed dogs can still be physically maturing until they are two years old. If you have a puppy, talk to your breeder and veterinarian about what kind of exercise (and how much) is appropriate.

Similarly, not all fitness plans are suitable for certain dogs, such as pets with a history of orthopedic injuries or senior dogs with age-related health conditions. Some forms of high-impact exercise might aggravate these underlying issues. Before setting any new exercise goal, take your dog in for a check-up with your veterinarian to evaluate your dog’s overall health. They will also determine if your dog has any medical conditions that would prevent your pet from being more physically active or limit certain exercises.

Depending on your dog’s veterinary history, you may be referred to a veterinary physical therapist or rehab professional to assess your dog’s overall muscle tone and fitness. That expert would develop the best kind of conditioning or rehab routine for your dog.

Make Plans for Getting Active
When planning a new fitness routine for your dog, it’s important to be slow and thoughtful. Jumping in too quickly with exercise can lead to your dog being sore and uncomfortable and cause strains or injuries. Follow your vet’s advice on how to appropriately increase your dog’s level of exercise in increments. If you are already training with your dog, many behaviors you are likely already working on (such as pivots) are a great way to work on your dog’s fitness and coordination and build muscles.

Teach Doggy Push-Ups
This gentle warm-up is a fun way to practice basic obedience skills and increase your dog’s muscle tone. Ask your dog to move between the stand, sit, down, and stand positions.

If your dog doesn’t yet know how to change these positions on cue, use treats to lure them into the varied positions while they are learning those cues independently.

Teach Figure-Eight Stretch
Before you go out and exercise, you likely spend some time stretching. The same should be true for our dogs. A gentle figure-eight stretch can also be a fun trick. Not only is this a great simple stretch for your dog, but you can also use it towards AKC Trick Dog titles.

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