Most Popular Girl Dog Names

Choosing a name for your girl dog requires some creative inspiration and plenty of thought. After all, this is a name that you’ll be saying to your new puppy every day for many happy years ahead. Like baby girl names,

female dog names rise and fall in popularity. It’s unlikely you’re meeting a lot of human toddlers named Ethel at preschool today, and similarly, you probably don’t meet many female puppy dogs

named Lassie at the dog park anymore. We’ve compiled the top 100+ most popular girl dog names from American Kennel Club’s purebred registration and mixed-breed enrollment data for 2022 to help you make the best choice.

Popular culture is always a trending theme for female dog names. When the movie “Frozen” came out, there was a 900 percent rise in dogs named for those characters, so there were plenty of “Elsa” girl puppies

for a while. Video game character names for girl dogs, like “Zelda” and “Ellie,” are always trending in and out. Names from movies and book franchises are always coming in and out of style, such as

Nature-themed girl dog names continue to be popular, with names like “Willow” or “River.” The night sky is extremely popular, with dog names like “Luna,” “Nova,” or “Stella” all high on the list.

Food- and drink-themed names are also a favorite, with female puppy names like “Ginger,” “Honey,” and “Pepper” making the list. Mythology is popular for girl dog names, too, with “Freya,” “Athena,” and “Kali” all making appearances.

It’s not all about a cute or clever name when you’re naming your girl dog. A female puppy’s name is an important part of her training and socialization. Take some advice from experts in the field

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