A Dog’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

This is going to be the year I become a genuinely good dog. I’ve made New Year’s resolutions before, but I’m going to stick to them this time. My owners deserve a properly behaved Canine Good Citizen. After all,

they spoil me with fresh water in the toilet bowl and a soft, queen-sized bed for napping. It’s not fair that I dig holes in the yard and chew the sofa. If they can make resolutions, then I can turn over a new bone too. This year, I hereby resolve to:

1. Ignore the Mail Carrier
It’s not my fault that pesky mail carrier invades my territory every day. You would think my owners would appreciate my warning barks. After all, every time I bark at the mail carrier, it chases them away. That kind of power is hard to resist!

But I’m supposed to silently accept the intruder. That would be a lot easier if my owners distracted me with a puzzle toy or food-stuffed chew toy. Or they could close the blinds to block my view. Better yet, teach me that being quiet is more rewarding than nuisance barking.

2. Stop Digging in the Yard
Digging in the yard is as much a part of my personality as tail wagging. So, why do my owners think their grass and garden are more important than following my bliss? Plus, where else am I supposed to hide my bones? If they really want me to stop, they should redirect me with a toy or game every time I try to dig.

And don’t leave me alone in the yard to make my own fun. But my favorite solution is a special digging spot baited with rubber toys and bones. That would limit my digging to only one part of the yard.

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