6 Things That Regularly Confuse Puppies

There’s arguably nothing cuter than watching a puppy encounter certain things for the very first time. Our lives are full of objects that puppies find strange or downright scary. Here are six things that baffle puppies in the most adorable way.

1. Vacuums
It is most likely the noise of the vacuum that confounds puppies — and maybe the fact that we humans are pushing this giant “beast” for no apparent reason. Most puppies will bark and growl at a vacuum, but if they do not become desensitized, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of a lifelong battle between pup and machine.

2. Mirrors
Watching a puppy watch himself in a mirror is always entertaining. Some young dogs lose interest immediately, but others try to figure out where the other dog they see is located. They may offer appeasing behavior or even circle around behind the mirror (if possible) to try and find the other canine.

3. Television
Some pups can’t help but be intrigued by the strange device that emits sound and moving images. Their curiosity is often heightened when they hear or see another dog on the screen. If you don’t believe us, try watching a dog show with your canine companion in the room. It’s one fascinating experience.

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